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The societies in the North Atlantic depend on the sea and its natural resources.

It is reflected in the diversity of the companies which over the years have participated in this exhibition, as they operate in at least two of the most important segments in the area - the fishing industry and the offshore oil industry.

Adapting to the needs for future sustainable growth in the fishery sector is crucial for the people of the region. The companies which over the years have participated at the fair are living examples that innovation and adaptability go hand in hand and know no boundaries.

Innovation and application of new technology in the maritime sector has become crucial, and is an important key to growth in these sectors in our region in the future.

Climate change will affect a broad range of human activities and welfare in different ways and to different extents. Some of the most direct impacts in our region will be felt in sectors that rely on natural resources, such as fisheries, aquaculture and energy production. In this context adaptation and innovation is crucial to deal with the effects of climate change.

Innovation is also a key factor in ensuring sustainable solutions that enhance long-term economic viability of the fisheries. By showcasing and sharing knowledge and creating business-to-business partnerships we can obtain greater productivity in our maritime industry.

I am confident that the Atlantic Fair once again will present the best of what maritime-related businesses in the North Atlantic are capable of, both in our region and world-wide.





Atlantic Fair in Klaksvík 2017

As mayor of Klaksvík I am wishing you heartily welcome to the Atlantic Fair 2017 - held in our beautiful, friendly and hospitable city in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Throughout the years this fair has been a great success, and we are proud to repeatedly host the Atlantic Fair here. Klaksvík is widely known as the fishing capital of the Faroe Islands, and we have a strong fishing industry as well as several other interesting industries in our area. Therefore, Klaksvík is the natural host for the Atlantic Fair.

Just like the Atlantic Fair itself, Klaksvík has grown bigger and better over the years, and with our new groundbreaking ocean thermal heat converter now providing heating for the venues hosting the Fair, the 2017 Atlantic Fair is bound to be a special one.

Atlantic Fair is the result of a close cooperation between the management of the fair, the city of Klaksvík and the various industries - both exhibitors and visitors. The city of Klaksvík is ready to host the Atlantic Fair and all its participants, and we are looking forward to seeing you here.

Jógvan Skorheim,

Mayor of Klaksvík 





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