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Registration fee   Dkk 2.300,00
  Size in m2 Price per m2
Space only (Min. 36 m2) Dkkk 1.250,00
Stand with walls (Min. 9m2) Dkk 1.730,00
Outdoor stand (Min. 9 m2) Dkk 290,00
 All prices are excl. VAT


Registration fee and stand rental will be invoiced on 1st. January 2017. Companies, which register after 1st. January 2017, will be invoiced to pay straight away.
Payments fall due 14 days after the inovoice date. 1.5% interest per month will be added to overdue invoices.

Cancellation: If an exhibitor wish to cancel the registration, the cancellation fee of the total contract amount is as follows: Cancellation before 1st. September 2016, 0% cancellation fee. Before 1st. January 2017, 25% cancelling fee. Before 1st. February 2017, 50% cancellation fee. After 1st. March 2017, 100% cancellation fee.

Companies, which do not pay before 1st. March, can expect to lose their allocated space. The deadline for notice of participation is 1st. March 2017.
Type of Stand


Stands with walls: 

  • White walls
  • Stand no. and company name on fascia.



Other  equipment can be ordered on separate order form.
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