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Klaksvík, - the Fishing Capital

Placed in the middle of the North Atlantic and as one of the best harbours in the Faroe Islands, Klaksvík is an important centre of a huge ocean rich of fishing resources.

From the beginning, the development of Klaksvík has been based on fishing and fishing industry which is the reason, that this second largest town of the Faroe Islands often is named “the fishing capital”.

Klaksvík is the main town of the Northern Islands of the Faroes, that are characterized by a landscape with steep mountains. To the north you will find the 750 meter high Enniberg, dropping vertically into the ocean, the highest promontory in world. The beautiful island of Kunoy (the “female island”) piles up like a magnificent pyramid just outside the entry to Klaksvík, forms a great protective barrier to the waves of the northern ocean. In these surroundings Klaksvík is the centre for the 6000 inhabitants and partly so for some of the people in the neighbouring island, Eysturoy, which in april 2006 was connected to Klaksvík with a modern subsea-tunnel.

Besides the modern harbour and industry in Klaksvík there is a hospital, several schools and possibilities for different leisure activities such as swimming, sports, fitness, library, museum, cinema and restaurants as well as lots of shops.


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