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Visit the Faroes’ largest industrial expo which will be held in Klaksvik, the vibrant and industrious fishing capital of the North Atlantic, 17–19 MAY 2022

“Atlantic Fair – International Maritime Exhibition” is staged every other year. The expo in May 2019 was a resounding success with 193 exhibitors from 21 countries and an attendance of 4,300 over the three days of the event.

The expo is aimed at showcasing maritime goods and services and to highlight contemporary developments in that field.



The societies in the North Atlantic depend on the sea and its natural resources.

It is reflected in the diversity of the companies which over the years have participated in this exhibition, as they operate in at least two of the most important segments in the area – the fishing industry and the offshore industry.

Adapting to the needs for future sustainable growth in the fishery sector is crucial for the people of the region. The companies which over the years have participated at the fair are living examples that innovation and adaptability go hand in hand and know no boundaries.

Innovation and application of new technology in the maritime sector has become crucial, and is an important key to growth in these sectors in our region in the future.

Climate change will affect a broad range of human activities and welfare in different ways and to different extents. Some of the most direct impacts in our region will be felt in sectors that rely on natural resources, such as fisheries, aquaculture and energy production. In this context adaptation and innovation is crucial to deal with the effects of climate change.

Innovation is also a key factor in ensuring sustainable solutions that enhance long-term economic viability of the fisheries. By showcasing and sharing knowledge and creating business-to-business partnerships we can obtain greater productivity in our maritime industry.

I am confident that the Atlantic Fair once again will present the best of what maritime-related businesses in the North Atlantic are capable of, both in our region and world-wide.

Áki í Skemmuni
Managing director

The prime minister’s speech at the opening of Atlantic Fair 2019

“… In previous years, the Atlantic Fair has been successful and well visited; it has highlighted the seafood industry on an international level. This is essential for the Faroe Islands as well as our international partners. I am confident that the event will once again lay the foundations for further growth in the industries that are the main source of income for the Faroe Islands …”

Aksel V. Johannesen
Prime minister of the Faroe Islands from 2015 to 2019

Welcome to Klaksvík!

The biennial Atlantic Fair has established itself as a platform where companies from all over the world come to showcase their products and services and transact business. We have been pleased to observe the significant growth of the event over the years characterized by the enthusiastic participation of companies in the maritime industry, both from the Faroes and overseas, who have been attracted by the rich opportunities it provides. This is something that I as the Mayor of the host city and my fellow citizens take a great deal of pride in

Here in Klaksvík, the fishing capital of the Faroe Islands, we have historically relied on our private sector to lead the way forward in providing economic growth and jobs. Consequently, to ensure the successful continuation of this process we consider it as being of the utmost importance to encourage diversity within our corporate industry. In recent years we have seen the vital role that Atlantic Fair plays as a catalyst in this regard. Our local companies have made full use of the event to establish new business connections as well as finding inspiration to work towards innovative and creative solutions in their work.

The fishing industry is a challenging environment in which it is essential to have the requisite knowhow and skills to operate successfully. And a prime quality for leaders in the industry is to have to courage to make whatever adjustments are needed to adapt to changing conditions and stay competitive. It is therefore no small achievement for us as a small country far out in the Atlantic to have managed to stay at the forefront of the fishing industry and maritime development generally.

Moreover, we see it as important, particularly in today’s world where environmental considerations are a priority, that the fishing industry works towards a sustainable future. As a small country whose economy is overwhelmingly dependent on the bounty of the ocean this is clearly in our own self-interest as well. We work with the vision of locally developed products emanating from our long standing traditions, but with an injection of innovation when appropriate, being produced for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

With all this in mind we are once again pleased to welcome you all to Klakvík for Atlantic Fair 2022. As the ocean is deeply embedded in the city’s culture, we regard it as only natural that we should play host to a trade fair with this designation. Alongside attendance at the event, we look forward to giving exhibitors and visitors alike an opportunity to sample this maritime culture and to enjoy the many other attractions of Klaksvík and the Northern Islands of the Faroes.

Karl Haldorsson Johansen
Mayor of Klaksvík Municipality